Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Asterisk the Gaul (Asterix the Gall?) #pedantbanter

Sometimes, when I am not saying "Oh, FGS" about Legoland or Deal Or No Deal or homeopathy or Procter & Gamble (that last one is a lie, I am always channelling my inner "Oh, FGS" at P&G), I like to relax and take time out by nitpicking grammar and generally being a pedantic geek.  I would like to share a small piece of that with you now, in the first of an occasional series I shall call #pedantbanter.

Here goes.

This is an asterisk *  (shown here actual size: *)

This is Asterix

This is an obelisk

And this is Obelix

This post is me being dogmatic.

And this is Dogmatix

(I’ll stop now. For now.)


  1. Bit late to your post but I am feeling your pain. One that always gets me is when folk insist they want a 'pacific' item. Aaaaargh.
    Loved the Asterix pics :)

  2. It's hard, being a pedant.

    What am I talking about? It's FABULOUS, being a pedant!

    Thank you :)