Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Hallmark moment (nope)

Birthdays. Including administration.
My son was writing a card for a party he went to this afternoon.

The first I knew of it, he'd got two wrong (by writing "Dear <own name>" in them fgs!).

So he started another one.

Which had "You're 7!" type things all over the front of it (moral of that particular story, don't bloody buy too far in advance - it was one for his cousin, <not-same-name-as-party-boy-unfortunately>, who will be seven in June).
He'd managed to write "Dear <party-boy-name>" in that one.

Wonderful!  Except <party-boy> is going to be eight.

So I made him write "<party-boy>" after the "Dear" on one of the ones he'd already got wrong - fortunately he'd written "Dear" on one line, then "<own-name>" underneath - and then "from" before "<own-name". It's all a bit squished up above where it says Happy Birthday, but never mind.  (CLEAR AS MUD, RIGHT?!)

Then I gave him the envelope for the card, which he wrote <party-boy> on.

But it was too small for the card (even though I had held it up and measured it against the card - wtf happened there, did the card grow, the envelope shrink OR WHAT?!!), so I got him the right one and, finally, he has a correctly-written card in the right-sized envelope.

THIS, THIS is why my life is difficult - and I am laughing at it all, because really - ffs, "write a card" - how hard can that be?!

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